Our services: guarantee, Peeling-Test and attention to the packaging.

A front door to express yourself
New Door creates tailor-made products based on specific, detailed needs from customers. This is made possible by our artisan spirit, our state-of-the-art machinery, and our extensive knowledge of the industry - and these qualities allow New Door to meet even the most peculiar demands.

Quality means Warranty
All New Door products boast a 10-year warranty thanks to the high-grade raw materials we use, to our advanced building techniques, and to our strict quality control.
Our warranty on all panels covers any swollen or detached PVC films.

  • Should any of these occur, the panel will be replaced free of charge upon prior assessment by the installer and following authorization from New Door srl.
  • Our warranty becomes void if any panel:
    • has been treated with aggressive detergents or left outdoors to bad weather conditions. All panels must be cleaned with water and neutral cleaners, without using abrasive cloths or solvent-, ammonia-, or alcohol-based detergents; 
    • has been used outside its intended purpose or in case standard procedures for its setting and installation have not been implemented properly;
    • has been subject to seepage or infiltrations of any kind or has been damaged by others;
    • has its film swollen or detached due to flooding;
    • has any defects due to crushing or scratching deriving from its transportation and handling;
    • has been repaired or altered in any way without prior authorization from New Door srl.
  • All costs of disassembling the defective products and installing the replacement ones shall be incurred by the customer; 
  • Our warranty covers the repair and/or replacement of any panels with defects in workmanship;
  • The defective panel(s) shall be sent back carriage paid with prior notice to New Door srl. The replacement panel shall remain property of New Door srl;
  • The warranty period starts from the date of first invoice sent by New Door srl.

Peeling Test: when know-how leads to excellence
New Door performs specific endurance tests on its products in order to guarantee their exceptional durability and reliability.
PVC-film-cladded metal sheets can withstand adhesion tests performed with different forces applied. Sample products undergo specific treatments which simulate the impact of wear and tear on a 15-year-old panel subject to extremely harsh weather conditions.
The exceptional test results are fully compliant with the RAL-GZ 716 standard and demonstrate that top quality and expertise allow New Door to create absolutely excellent products.

Choose any colour you want
New Door has a stock of PVC films available in more than 100 colour variations. This service in particular has been developed year after year in order to meet even the most peculiar needs and never say ‘no’ to our customers’ demands.
Moreover, our wide range of films is provided by top-grade suppliers, including Renolit, Hornschuch, and Veka Spectral. All products are fully compliant with New Door’s high quality standards.

Easy Bag: a perfectly convenient package
In order to satisfy the needs of increasingly more customers, New Door created Easy Bag, a practical, efficient package capable of housing pre-cut, 10mm- or 24mm-thick cladded panels for roller shutter boxes.
To provide cost-efficient packaging and delivery, packages shipped by New Door may house either two 650 x 3,050mm panels or three 430 x 3,050mm panels. The package can be handled by one worker and is designed to meet every single requirement from customers at a clearly defined cost. New Door Easy Bag can also house PVC-film coated aluminium sheet metal for bending.